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  • - Are your seeds certified organic?

    Yes, our products are Australian Certified Organic, licence No 12936. ACO Certification Ltd is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce. Certification ensures compliance with national and international production standards including the Australian Certified Organic Standards (ACOS). Our hemp products have been grown using a sustainable management system for agriculture that respects nature’s systems and cycles and sustains and enhances the health of soil, water, plants and animals and the balance between them. This management system also contributes to a high level of biological diversity, responsibly uses of energy and natural resources such as water, soil, organic matter and air and respects high animal welfare standards to meet the specific behavioural needs of animal species. We aim to satisfy our customers’ demands for hemp products produced using processes that do not harm the environment, human health, plant health or animal health and welfare.

  • - How are your products different from others available on the market?

    You won’t find any hulls, rotten kernels or excessively cracked seeds in our hulled hemp seeds. You will receive mostly halved, large, clean and fresh seeds boasting amazing taste and flavour. Our cold-pressed oil is of superior purity, freshness, taste and aroma. HEMPERIUM hemp protein powder excels in its solubility, smoothness, silkiness and pleasant taste. Unlike other hemp proteins ours is not a by-product of oil pressing but the outcome of specifically engineered, high-tech manufacturing involving mechanical processes only and no chemicals whatsoever.

  • - Are your products raw?

    Yes, only mechanical processes are used. No heat or chemicals are involved. All manufacturing processes are cold and take place in a temperature-controlled, pristine environment.

  • - What is the CBD content of your products?

    Trace amounts of CBD.